What to wear for a family photography session: 5 tips

“What should we wear for our family photos?”  I get this question frequently, so I decided to blog about it.  Hopefully you will find this helpful when planning for your family photo session.

So what should you wear for a family photography session?

1.  Skip the matching outfits, and pick items that coordinate.  Let everyone wear what they want (within reason).

2. No logos, characters, or neon colors.  Leave the Thomas the Train shirt at home.

3.  Wear something you would normally wear, something you feel good in and that you know looks good on you. These pictures should represent your real life and what you would actually wear.

4.  Textures, layers, and accessories can add some visual interest to photos.

5.  Everyone (or at least the kids) should wear something they can run, play, and sit on the ground in.  Although my family sessions include formal portraits, part of the  session will be spent having fun and capturing real moments and letting kids be kids.   That’s often when you get the best shots.  🙂

Also, if you do an Google image search for “What to wear for family photos” you will get a lot of ideas.  Also, take a look at the family photos on my website for some inspiration. Below are some examples of past clients who did a great job dressing themselves.  🙂



Charleston-family-photographer (13)

large family portrait on the beach

Rafalowski_Family_Photography_CharlestonSC (7)

Charleston-family-photographer (19)

Alayna_5mo_SarahGoldmanPhotography_BabyPhotographer_CharlestonSC (74)

kids in the water at folly beach

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, SC.

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