Moonshine County Christmas | 34 West

34 West Theater Company is currently running a hilarious new musical comedy: Moonshine County Christmas! Sarah Callahan Black’s character reminded me of Ruth on Ozark. And for long time 34 Westies, the cat is back! The show has been sold out for weeks, but if you are still hoping to grab a seat, try checking the day of in case they’ve had a cancellation. Last night is Dec 31st.

Their next show is a short run of their summer sellout, She Drives Me Crazy.

Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC


Back to the 80’s with 34 West

Get yourself to 34 West Theater Company ASAP!  Their current show, Uptown Girl, is a hilarious romp through the 80’s.  This show is almost sold out, and runs through November 10th!


Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.

34 West Theater | She Drives Me Crazy

34 West Theater just wrapped their 90’s hit She Drives Me Crazy.  For me, a teenager in the 90’s, it was a fun, nostalgic romp down memory lane!  It was described as “Friends Meets Seinfeld” and did not disappoint as a fan of both. 🙂  Next up is the 80’s show Uptown Girl which opens September 14th.  Go see it!

Charleston event photography (2)


Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.

34 West Theater | Super Freak

If you haven’t been to 34 West Theater yet – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  It is such a unique experience –  from interacting with the actors before the show to ordering fun drinks and snacks from their super cool bar.  I saw their current show, Super Freak, last month.  Co-founders Steve and Jeff play a variety of hilarious characters and sing some super fly 70’s tunes.  The waterbed scene…OMG.  You just have to see it.  It’s so creative!

Super Freak runs through June 7th and next up is the 90’s show, She Drives Me Crazy starts June 12th.  This 90’s teen CANNOT WAIT!  See you at the theater!



Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.