Erica + Logan | The Wedding Day

Followers of the blog will remember Erica and Logan.  We’ve been following their wedding journey for the past year!  There was their fun downtown engagement session.  And there was their interview with myself and Caleb White from WedTexts.  Well, they finally tied the knot in beautiful Asheville, NC at Castle Ladyhawke!

Erica told me all about the big day and even shared some photos by Ryan Baumgarner.

North Carolina Wedding Photos
SGP:  Tell us about the day!
EH: The “big day” was absolutely amazing! The weather was perfect, about 73 degrees in the mountains of Asheville. As you know, it was a very small ceremony with only our parents as guests. We drove separately to the castle, Logan dressed at the resort in his dad’s room and I in the castle. We didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle, I’m glad we did this, we were both shocked at how great the other looked. We were able to be ourselves and only focus on each other, no stress at all! We wrote our own vows, Logan blew me away with his heartfelt and genuine words. We had a early ceremony, 11:00a.m., so we were able to go back to the resort and enjoy the rest of our first day as Mr. and Mrs. followed by an amazing dinner with our parents- it was perfect.
SGP: What was the castle like?
EH: The castle was breathtaking! A bit difficult to get to, the steep hill up the mountain was a bit frightening but completely worth the trek. We were able to tour the castle, separately as we didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony. It had a stunning view, several balconies, a tower with a rustic spiral staircase and the landscaping was incredible too! Truly something out of a fairy tale.
Wedding at Castle Ladyhawke North Carolina
SGP:  What was the highlight of the day?  What moment will you always remember?
EH: The highlight and one thing I’ll always remember would have to be the look on Logan’s face as he told me his vows. They literally made everyone cry, including him. He started them by saying that he had spent weeks trying to figure out what to write down, then he threw his vow book to his stepdad (I later found out this was rehearsed the night before) and said he didn’t need to write anything down and proceeded to proclaim his love like I’ve never heard before. I don’t even think I comprehended much of it, all I could think about was how lucky I am to be marrying this guy right now and tried to soak up every bit of that moment.
Erica and Logan – thank you for sharing your wedding experience with us!  We’re glad WedTexts made life easier.  Enjoy living happily ever after.  🙂
Thanks to Ryan Baumgarner for sharing these photos with us!
Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.