Healing Portraits | Guest Blog Post by Peck Law Firm

Many of the families I work with have been impacted by divorce.  I was glad to be contacted by Peck Law Firm who wrote this guest blog post on how new family portraits can provide some healing after a difficult time.

Healing Portraits

Getting divorced is difficult. Even a relatively straightforward divorce often leaves both partners feeling stressed and emotionally drained. As an individual going through the divorce process, you know your Charleston divorce lawyer is your biggest advocate. Your lawyer is the one who makes sure you’re aware of your rights and all your legal options and gives you valuable advice as you work through the process of ending your marriage.

There’s another way your lawyer can help you that you might not realize: connecting you with a professional photographer who can help you heal from the divorce by taking your portrait. Your divorce isn’t the end of your life; it’s just the end of your marriage.

family beach photos with palm trees

Portraits as a Means to Reclaim Power

A divorce can leave you feeling powerless and out of touch with yourself. A portrait can help you get to know yourself again and reclaim your power by making you the focal point of the image.

You’re not the same person you were before your marriage. You’re also not the same person you were during your marriage or while you were working through your divorce. Your experiences shaped you, so embrace them and draw power from them. And any time you need a power boost, your portrait is there to provide it.

Showcasing Who you are, At this Moment in Time

You might not feel like you look your best right now. You might have gained weight or you might not be wearing the latest fashions. That’s okay; a big part of healing from a divorce is accepting yourself for who you are. No matter what you’re wearing or how you’re styled, there’s one thing every well-executed portrait captures: confidence. Trust your photographer to create an image that showcases your strength and resilience and pushes your style into the background.

Illustrate your Life’s Progression in Portraits

One important way a portrait can help you heal from a divorce is showing how your life’s changed after the divorce. Take a portrait with just your children or with your parents and siblings to replace your family portrait with your former spouse.

Years down the road, you might want to update your family portrait to celebrate your new marriage, birth of a new baby, new pets, addition of stepchildren to your family, and births of your grandchildren.

Mount Pleasant Photographer (3)

Finding the Ideal Photographer for your Portrait

Don’t just choose any photographer to take your healing portrait. Take the time to really shop around to find the photographer who fits your budget and your style. Some photographers specialize an innovative, fun portraits that feel modern and even avant garde. That’s great if it matches your style, but if you’re more of a traditionalist, even the best avant garde portrait photographer isn’t the right photographer for you.

When you ask your lawyer to connect you with a portrait photographer, tell him or her about your style preferences and budget to help him or her connect you with the ideal photographer for your project.


Thank you, Peck Law Firm, for your thoughtful article on healing portraits.

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, SC.


Photos with Friends | McLaughlin Family at Rainbow Row

What a treat this session was!  My very best childhood friend (since we were like 3 years old!), Dana, and her family came to Charleston over spring break in March.  We met near Rainbow Row one morning to capture some updated family photos.  It’s fun to photograph people that I know so well because we have inside jokes, it’s easy to get them to laugh, and I know if a smile is genuine or not.  The other great thing about photographing friends?  Grabbing a meal together afterward. 🙂


Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.




New Photography Location: Fox Trot Plantation

I am now offering sessions with a “country feel” just an hour and 15 minutes outside of Charleston in Lone Star, South Carolina.  Lone Star is close to the town of Santee.  Fox Trot Plantation is a private farm with acres of forests, fields, peach trees, old barns, and even chickens!  In October, the cotton fields are ready for harvest (and photo opportunities!)  So if you’re looking for something different for your family photos, consider a day trip to the country.

family sitting in a field in the country in south carolina

family roasting marshmallows in the country in sc

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, SC.



Fall Family Photos | Griffin Family

I was so excited to photograph the Griffin Family again this year.  We met at White Point Gardens at sunset for their family session.

family photos in white point gardens in charleston

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, South Carolina.

Downtown Charleston | Koon Family

The Koon Family was all together in Charleston over the holidays – a rare occasion since everyone lives in different parts of the country and the world!  I met them downtown near Rainbow Row for their family session.

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, SC.

Family at McLeod Plantation | James Island

I am so lucky that an amazing county park opened on James Island last year!  McLeod Plantation has a beautiful old house, live oak allee, barns, fields, winding paths, and camellias in bloom.  This fall I met Ingrid and her family there to capture some family photos while they were on vacation in Charleston.  Some faves:

live oak allee at mcleod plantation on james island

family walking in row of live oaks in charleston sc

Sarah Goldman is a photographer on James Island.

James Island Family Photos | Renkas Family

Here are some favorites from the Renkas Family’s session on James Island:

family walking in the woods in charleston

young girl laying in the grass in charleston sc

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, SC.


Christmas Card Photos | Brittany + Brandon

Last year I used this gorgeous vintage Chevrolet for Christmas mini sessions, and I still get inquiries for truck sessions.  Brittany + Brandon opted to add the truck for their Christmas card photos, and they could not have turned out any cuter.  They even brought Oscar, their French bulldog along for photos!

couple with dog in vintage truck

closeup of frenchie with husband and wife in background

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, SC.


Hampton Park Family Session | Bates Family

I never get tired of Hampton Park for family sessions.  Every season brings different flowers and changing colors.  The Bates family met me there on an evening in October for updated family pictures.

family walking along tree-lined path in charleston sc

candid family photo under a tree

Sarah Goldman is a family photographer in Charleston, SC.

Folly Beach Family Photos | Montanaro + Riley Families

Almost every summer since 2010 my friends, Katie and Bo come to Charleston to spend a week at Folly Beach.  The trips started with just the two of them and now they come with their little one in tow along with siblings and grandparents.  This year’s family photos at the beach were so much fun.  Gabe is now a year old and full of smiles and laughter.

young family standing in front of salt marsh

family with one year old in front of marsh

father and son at folly

one year old at the beach in charleston sc

crosbys seafood at folly beach

Sarah Goldman is a beach photographer in Charleston, SC.