Win a Free (mini) Engagement Session!

Win a Free Engagement Session is back for the 5th year running!  This is always a fun contest that I run during my slow month of January.  It’s so fun to meet a new couple who is recently engaged and hear their proposal story and wedding plans.

To enter the contest, go here:

fill out the form and then wait to hear from me the end of this month. 

engagement photos with sweetgrass

Here’s the fine print:

The session must take place before March 30, 2019.

The session will be a “mini” engagement session – about 30 minutes.

Good luck!


Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC


White Point Gardens Proposal | Cody + Kelsie

Cody’s mom contacted me in November when she was tasked with finding the perfect proposal photographer for her son and his girlfriend while they were in Charleston.  As I looked at the weekend forecast – another wet one – Cody and I began planning how his secret proposal would go down.  He planned to take Kelsie on a bike ride Saturday morning from their hotel (The Vendue) to Waterfront Park and finally to White Point Gardens where I would be waiting.  The forecast looked worse and worse so we changed the date to Friday afternoon.  I think Cody was relieved to get it over with earlier in their trip so he could relax!

I contacted 2 trusted photographer friends and we hid behind live oaks and tried to blend in with tourists.  Right on cue, Cody and Kelsie rode up and strolled through the live oaks to the spot I had marked for him with 2 sticks.

Afterwards they toasted with champagne and we walked around South of Broad and took some engagement photos.


Congrats, Cody + Kelsie!

Special thanks to Rick Dean and Charles Merry for second shooting this happy moment!



Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.


Hampton Park Engagement | Josie + Caison

Josie + Caison are engaged!  We incorporated some drone photography into their Hampton Park engagement session, and it was so COOL!  Thank you, Rivers Rudloff Photography for the awesome drone shots.

drone photography charleston sc (2)

engagement photos charleston sc (29)

drone photography charleston sc (6)

Sarah Goldman is an engagement photographer in Charleston, SC

Erica + Logan | The Wedding Day

Followers of the blog will remember Erica and Logan.  We’ve been following their wedding journey for the past year!  There was their fun downtown engagement session.  And there was their interview with myself and Caleb White from WedTexts.  Well, they finally tied the knot in beautiful Asheville, NC at Castle Ladyhawke!

Erica told me all about the big day and even shared some photos by Ryan Baumgarner.

North Carolina Wedding Photos
SGP:  Tell us about the day!
EH: The “big day” was absolutely amazing! The weather was perfect, about 73 degrees in the mountains of Asheville. As you know, it was a very small ceremony with only our parents as guests. We drove separately to the castle, Logan dressed at the resort in his dad’s room and I in the castle. We didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle, I’m glad we did this, we were both shocked at how great the other looked. We were able to be ourselves and only focus on each other, no stress at all! We wrote our own vows, Logan blew me away with his heartfelt and genuine words. We had a early ceremony, 11:00a.m., so we were able to go back to the resort and enjoy the rest of our first day as Mr. and Mrs. followed by an amazing dinner with our parents- it was perfect.
SGP: What was the castle like?
EH: The castle was breathtaking! A bit difficult to get to, the steep hill up the mountain was a bit frightening but completely worth the trek. We were able to tour the castle, separately as we didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony. It had a stunning view, several balconies, a tower with a rustic spiral staircase and the landscaping was incredible too! Truly something out of a fairy tale.
Wedding at Castle Ladyhawke North Carolina
SGP:  What was the highlight of the day?  What moment will you always remember?
EH: The highlight and one thing I’ll always remember would have to be the look on Logan’s face as he told me his vows. They literally made everyone cry, including him. He started them by saying that he had spent weeks trying to figure out what to write down, then he threw his vow book to his stepdad (I later found out this was rehearsed the night before) and said he didn’t need to write anything down and proceeded to proclaim his love like I’ve never heard before. I don’t even think I comprehended much of it, all I could think about was how lucky I am to be marrying this guy right now and tried to soak up every bit of that moment.
Erica and Logan – thank you for sharing your wedding experience with us!  We’re glad WedTexts made life easier.  Enjoy living happily ever after.  🙂
Thanks to Ryan Baumgarner for sharing these photos with us!
Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.

Wedding Anniversary | Downtown Charleston

Evan and Laura take a trip every other year for their anniversary.  They take turns planning it and it’s a surprise for the other person.  How fun is that?  This year it was Evan’s turn and he planned not only an amazing trip to Charleston, SC, but he scheduled a photo shoot for the two of them!

couple standing on old street in charleston sc

sunset engagement photos in waterfront park

Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.

Top 5 locations for Engagement Photos in downtown Charleston

Live oaks draped in Spanish moss, colorful historic buildings, ornate iron gates,  and cobblestone streets:  Charleston has no shortage of beautiful locations for photo shoots.

I have been photographing engagement sessions and weddings in Charleston since 2009. When a bride-to-be asks me where we should go for their engagement photos I have a list of favorites in my back pocket.  Today I will share my top 5 locations for engagement photos in Charleston, South Carolina.

Still looking for the perfect photographer for your Charleston engagement session?  You can view my gallery of weddings and engagement photos here:


 East Bay Street, Chalmers Street, and Waterfront Park

Highlights:  cobblestone streets, 2 fountains (including the pineapple fountain), gas lights, rainbow row, water views, swings, live oaks.

engaged couple on cobblestone street

military-themed-engagement-photos (52)


College of Charleston campus

Highlights:  Old Buildings, Live Oaks, brick walkways, iron gates, and azaleas

couple dips at CofC gate


King Street

Highlights:  More of an “urban feel”, the American Theatre, alleys, old buildings and storefronts, and Marion Square

starbucks engagement photos


Unitarian Church Graveyard

Highlights:  Wild and overgrown, flowering trees and shrubs, winding walkways, and old buildings

engaged couple at unitarian church


Side streets South of Broad Street

Highlights:  Old buildings, carriage tours going by, hidden alleys, old walls with creeping fig, interesting doorways – unlimited possibilities!

parents looking to adopt in charleston

engagement session in downtown charleston

Sarah Goldman is a family, wedding, and engagement photographer in Charleston, SC.

The Engagement Photography Experience | Erica + Logan


engaged couple during their photo session in Philadelphia alley

Sarah Goldman Photography has teamed up with WedTexts this year to follow several Charleston couples on their wedding journey – from their engagements to the big day!

In February, I met and photographed Erica and Logan, who are planning a North Carolina wedding in September.  Read their write up in Charleston Weddings here!   Erica and Logan will be using WedTexts to coordinate their wedding weekend.  See the highlights from their engagement here.

“I think WedTexts is going to help me keep my wedding celebration from being complete chaos. It is so hard to get everyone on the same page and “in the know”. I think it will save me a lot of phone calls and confusing texts, and I think every bride could use an app that helps reduce the stress.”  – Erica

We caught up with Erica to find out how the planning was going for their intimate wedding at Castle Ladyhawke.

SGP:  How is the wedding planning going?

E:  The planning is going very well, for our ceremony, as it is only our parents joining us for that. As you know, we have invited family and close friends to join us the weekend after our ceremony, this is were I think WedText is going to be awesome! We haven’t been to Asheville, NC before and that is were we will be heading. It’s been a bit stressful thinking of things we can all do and coordinating with everyone, as most everyone will be coming from different state.

SGP:  Is Logan helping with the plans?

E:  Logan is definitely helping with the planning, maybe even a little too much! He is choosing his own tux and making sure his side of the family stays “in the loop” with any plans. I’m thankful he is helpful with everything, it’s taken a lot of stress off of me.

SGP: What is your biggest challenge right now?

Our biggest challenge right now has been keeping up with all of the guests we’ve invited and making sure everyone is able to book a hotel or has somewhere to stay. It’s very hard knowing if hotels/cabins are in the same vicinity as we will be, I’d hate for someone to book something and have to drive a half hour or more to get to things. Google works great, but it’s not always accurate.

SGP:  Were you two nervous for your engagement session?  Was it what you expected?

E: I wouldn’t say we we’re nervous, we were very excited, just a bit unsure of what to expect. We had a blast! Logan even commented that he, “fell even more in love” with me as we stared into each other’s eyes, so very sweet. We will always cherish those moments, especially because it was our first photo shoot together.

SGP:  Which photos are your favorites from the engagement session?

E:  Oh my gosh, it is so hard to choose my favorites!! I love the one with Logan and I kissing with the bushes and iron fence behind us, I love the colors. I also love the ones done in the middle of church street and down Philadelphia Alley, so cool. I really love them all, you did an amazing job Sarah!

Thanks for letting us tag along on your wedding planning journey, Erica and Logan!  We can’t wait to hear about your wedding at Castle Ladyhawke!

WedTexts is an app that enables engaged couples to share important event information with their guests via pre-scheduled text messages.

Sarah Goldman is a photographer in Charleston, SC.